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Just like roaches and mice
Artists are a threat to your way of life
They rake up derision and spite
If you're a patriot, join in the fight
You don't need to go out and hunt them
You don't need to shoot them on sight
The Banks can just evict them
And let them die in their own blight
Attack the groups that endow them
Save on your taxes and drown them
They've got agendas and we can't allow them
You're so much better off without them

You don't need art in America
Nor the people who make it
It's your duty to The State, Dear America
Let them be homeless, Let them Hang by a thread
'Cuz the big-shots rule in America
They've got the inside spread
It's all just a dream in America
Where life's a bitch and then you're dead

Prove that you are a disciple of Christ
And don't store any art on your device
You're entertainment package is nice
The experts on the talk shows give good advice
So if you encounter an artist
Just pretend like you really don't mind
Then report they said to the office
Protect what we have from the swine
What will the neighbors' say tonight
I heard that your credit was declined
But if your other card works fine
Then buy this song online.


from Apraxia USA (Deluxe), released January 15, 2010
Sample: Mar P



all rights reserved


Alex Velocity Minneapolis

Apraxia is a SynthPop, Electro, New Wave, EBM, Industrial, Dance Pop & Art project working out of Minneapolis.

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